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The Applebee’s Guest Survey offers you the chance to win $1000 every day if you aren’t lucky enough to win the grand prize. On top of this you can also win an Apple iPod after completing the survey The grand prize is drawn as part of a sweepstakes that you are automatically entered into after completing the survey at www.talktoapplebees.com.

Not only does the Applebee’s Guest Survey offer a great potential reward, but as with all store surveys it gives you a chance to give feedback about your experience dining at Applebee’s and this helps to improve the service and food provided by Applebee’s.

To complete the survey you need to be 18 years or older and have a recent receipt, then you simply enter the server’s name and some other basic information found on the receipt. The survey is also available to be completed in English and Spanish languages and can be completed in many other countries including the US.



53 thoughts on “www.talktoapplebees.com – Talk to Applebee’s”

  1. A convenient location (3 miles) and sufficient parking especially designated spot for handicap accessible (near entrance and a cut out curb). Greeted at the door as entering by staff. Asked preferred seating (table/booth) usually have a late lunch before 3;30 pm. The menu with classic @signature choices and the pricing was reasonable. The waitress was pleasant and food arrived quickly. The onion soup is a favorite. And the new “wood fired” menu wil;l be tried on next visit. All things considered it’s a FAVORITE when having Lunch or dinner and the convenience of personal checkout/paying station was SUPER!. It’s the “APPLE” of my wallet.

  2. Unbelievable, went early so we wouldn’t have to wait, well this is the second time and I don’t think there will be another. Food is good once you get it, waited for 20 minutes for a glass of water and Pepsi, then 30 minutes for our food. But the piece of resistance was waiting for the change, had to ask for the bill first off then waited for 15 min. decided that was enough got up and asked the greeter. Now we sat in the booth for perhaps 20 min waiting and here are a line of people waiting for a table what a total waste of time for everyone concerned. Beyond me how one facility can operate at top notch speed and another so poorly. I will not return to the Applebee’s in m y town that is for sure. I will drive 23 miles and get good service at another Applebee’s. Just a shame.

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  4. This is the second time in a month that we went to Applebees and the service was very unacceptable. When we first went in the music was so loud. We asked if they would turn it down, they said they did, but there wasn’t much change. When we ordered, we kept getting the wrong food. The manager said that they had new cooks. SORRY. We asked for MILITARY discount, they said yes. We didn’t get it. By this time we were fed up with them we paid and left. Believe me we will spread the word about our experience. We WILL NOT be going back. Also when I tried to do the survey, it wouldn’t let me because there was no serial number on the duplicate copy that the gave me.

  5. My Boy friend and I ate at the Hill Rd. in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Our waitress was so overly friendly! It was sickening !!! When we received our food the fish was under cooked, my ribs were so dry.
    This was the first time I have ever eaten at Apple Bee’s and it will be the last!!!

  6. Recieved very poor service at the Steubenville, Ohio location. Was there on Saturday night, August 23, 2014. Place was not that busy, but had to wait over an hour to be served our meals. The waitress gave poor service, did not come back hardly at all. Will probably not dine at that location again.

  7. Unable to complete guest survey as the site didn’t work. We had terrible food last night 7/22/14 at the Ft. Collins, CO place. Steak and baked potato dry & over done. Mixed veggies were not good as well. The carrots were hard and squash was mushy. Probably won’t go back …

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