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The Applebee’s Guest Survey offers you the chance to win $1000 every day if you aren’t lucky enough to win the grand prize. On top of this you can also win an Apple iPod after completing the survey The grand prize is drawn as part of a sweepstakes that you are automatically entered into after completing the survey at www.talktoapplebees.com.

Not only does the Applebee’s Guest Survey offer a great potential reward, but as with all store surveys it gives you a chance to give feedback about your experience dining at Applebee’s and this helps to improve the service and food provided by Applebee’s.

To complete the survey you need to be 18 years or older and have a recent receipt, then you simply enter the server’s name and some other basic information found on the receipt. The survey is also available to be completed in English and Spanish languages and can be completed in many other countries including the US.



55 thoughts on “www.talktoapplebees.com – Talk to Applebee’s”

  1. My husband and I have been to the Oak Ridge, TN restaurant a few times now and I think we had the worst server just now. Attitude right away. First all, Brandy the manager is awesome. That is one of the reasons why we ever go to this location. She is “Hospitality”. Her great up beat attitude, there to help with anything, willing to do whatever it takes to make a costumer happy and most of all just great to talk to. We can’t ask for better service then Brandy. Thank you. Second of all “Curtiss”, I have been a server for years and that is not good service. To come across with a bad attitude because of a patrons request is very bad for customer service specially over a customers simple request. Curtiss could have handled the situation much better by simply saying I don’t think we make that anymore but I can check for you. Well we will be back but asking for a different server next time. Thanks again Brandy.

  2. Service good. Food good. First cup of coffee was fair, but the second cup was fresh and excellent.

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