www.survey.samsclub.com – Sam’s Club Member Experience Survey

The Sam’s Club Member Experience Survey offers you the chance of a winning 1 of 5 $1000 gift cards to spend at any Sam’s Club store in the US. The reward offered is the same as the Walmart In-Store Satisfaction Survey.

If your a regular shopper and you have received an invitation on your receipt to complete the survey then go to www.survey.samsclub.com and you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes or alternatively you can just enter the sweepstakes directly by going to www.entry.survey.samsclub.com

To complete the survey you need to be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the US, the survey is also available to be completed in Spanish and English.


9 thoughts on “www.survey.samsclub.com – Sam’s Club Member Experience Survey”

  1. I have been a longtime customer of Sams Club and I can honestly say I can’t remember having a bad experience shopping at any of the locations I’ve been to . Being a District Manager in retail I can’t tell you what that means to me so great job !

  2. excelente compra y buen servicio super amable la cajera hasta conoce a los clientes y los Saluda con mucha familiaridad

  3. Excellent work! Be the form of data to be shared across the world wide web. A sense of shame about the google with no for a longer time setting this post higher! Think about it over and also visit my site. Cheers Implies)

  4. My husband and I have been customer’s of Sam’s for as long as the store has been around. In recent years we have continued membership primarily for the Pharmacy and the extreme excellence of the Pharmacist’s that is at our local store. The confidence in knowing we were covered no matter what area of the country we were traveling in has meant a great deal.
    Recently the treatment or lack of, by a clerk in our pharmacy is about to change all of that. Her name is Courtney and she has a very “sharp mouth”. Her communication skills working with people leads me to conclude she is definitely in the wrong position. Dealing with people is not one of her better skills.
    With my husband & myself she has been short and ugly. I will give you one example. When picking up my prescription last week, I commented, I did not like the new renovation being implemented in the Pharmacy pickup area and that I was aware she had no responsibility in this. She proceeded to say, “What’s the matter, is walking a few extra step too much for you?” I was taken back, that anyone would behave so badly. My understanding is there have been several complaints about her mouth, but for some reason she has not been removed. Of all places for rudeness, with old people hurting, grumpy and irritable this is a place for sensitivity, not a sharp mouth. We are extremely close to a Cosco, and may well move our membership there rather than put up with a rude employee. Our Sam’s Club location is in Grapevine, Tx. I do hope you will help Courtney find an adequate location in the store to accommodate her talents. Thank you, June Gravley

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