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The Sears Customer Satisfaction survey is another survey offering you a big reward for completing a 5 to 10 minutes survey. The reward is that you go into a draw to win $4000. The survey can be completed by those who speak english or spanish and have recently shopped at Sears and received a receipt with an Sales Check number on the bottom. By completing the Sears Survey at www.searsfeedback.com you will be helping to improve the services offered by Sears and also have a chance at winning $4000.

There is no guaranteed reward from the Sears survey, but giving feedback will help  to make your shopping experience better. So if you do have something to say or have some thoughts on improvements that could be made to Sears Stores then I recommend you complete the survey.


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  1. I was picking up an online order at sears in Waco Texas.I went to an associate in childrens dept.he called and found out my order was ready.While I was waiting Jason the store manager asked if Iwas being helped .He went back and got my order and took me to the nearest checkout. Dakota,the associate in tools rang my purchase.He was very nice and helpful. Great customer service!

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