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The Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey is another store survey offering you a chance to win cash in a sweepstake after you have completed the survey. The reward or completing this survey is a chance to win a grand prize of $1000 or 1 of 10 runner up prizes of $100, once you complete the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey at riteaid.com/storesurvey.com you are entered into a sweepstake to win one of the cash prizes used at Rite Aid Pharmacy stores in the US. This is yet another great incentive to take the store survey and give useful feedback to Rite Aid and help to improve their stores.

To complete the survey need a recent purchase receipt with a 16-digit code printed on the front, you then enter this code into the website and continue completing the survey. If you have a receipt simply click on the button below or go to: riteaid.com/storesurvey.com

The Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey is run every month and you can enter once every month to increase your chances of winning, the survey can also be completed in English or Spanish for US residents only and is only available to customers who are 18 years or older.


53 thoughts on “www.riteaidstoresurvey.com – Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. The Rite Aid stores that I shop in have friendly employees and I can easily find what I’m looking for – I have no complaints – survey # 0927120024502862 – store #00245

  2. I have tried to do your survey, advertised on my sales receipt 6 times and I have never gotten past the first page, before another page pops up and asks if I want to earn a $500 gift card. I say no, but cannot get back to the survey without going through what I have already gone through. You can take your survey and anything associated with your survey and shove it.
    Thanks Darl Mills

  3. what a scam–unless you select yes for offers, site will not allwo you to continue but repeat same options

  4. I think rite aid is the place to shop for savings they treat people with the greatest respect. There like family that’s how I feel when shopping at rite aid

  5. Our remodeled store in Oakdale Ca. Very Nice. Many Items priced 3 times higher than the Dollar Tree across the street. Having to show ID as a Senior citizen is Stupid. Last week at Gallo Center No ID for Drinks Required. nor at the Golf Coarse. Policy should be relaxed to discretionary judgment or don’t hire the person if they can’t tell someone’s age of 40 and other, I’m 67. As for the survey of the store, didn’t get all the required info into the fields when the survey went forward.

  6. hey, I was in the store yesterday evening about 6ish and a young gal. who just made my day when she checked my ID for beer and when call me a young man, with that smile, she really made my day with her wonderful smile and her way of leaving you laughing, Heck I couldn’t pronounce her name, but she said everybody call her lisa.

  7. I just took this survey.. No broken links, no personal questions, no popups or ads. Not sure why others seem to have issues. Other than that.. the store I went to in Wareham, MA was very clean, the associates were helpful and I was in and out of there in no time. Will definitely shop there again.

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