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The Red Lobster Guest Satisfaction Survey offers the same rewards as the Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction Survey mentioned previously, that’s a grand prize of $1000 and 100 runner’s up prizes of $50 if you aren’t lucky enough to win the grand prize. These rewards are drawn as part of a sweepstake that you are automatically entered into after completing the survey at www.redlobstersurvey.com.

Not only does the Red Lobster Guest Satisfaction Survey offer a great potential reward, but as with all store surveys it gives you a chance to give feedback about your experience dining at Red Lobster and this helps to improve the service and food provided by Red Lobster.

To complete the survey you need to be 18 years or older and a resident of the US, then you simply enter the ID number found on a recent receipt. The survey is also available to be completed in English and Spanish languages.



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  1. my ck.# 53436 and id. # 9753213378683 the store # 6346 Lauren C. waited on us on nov.3 and she did a very good job me and my date eat there at less one time ever month this time I got the Peppercorn sirloin and shrimp it was very good we always get the Snow Crab legs and corn and baby bakers but this time I talk her in to getting the King Crab because she has never had them they were 29.99 will they were reel rubber and would not crack we ate about 2 and a half legs and she didn’t like them so I crack the crawl and It smell like someone bad feet so Lauren took them back the manger told her to tell us it was new and fix us the snow crab and -29.99 and charge us 24.48 and he never came out to talk to us and I think that’s piss poor on him at less we didn’t get sick but she will never try king crab ever again and not want me to order for her and she didn’t eat all of her food and I don’t think that the general manger did the job that you are paying him to do because there was only about 6 people that was eating so I think he had time to come to the table and talk to us so I don’t know if we will come back do to that sometimes food go’s bad but worker shouldn’t I own my on company and I sure wouldn’t put up with it and I would have comp the meal or at less half thanks

  2. All I want to do is fill out survey but, no, you want me to sign up for other products that I have no use for and have no desire to use. Therefore, you will get no response to your survey. Thank you for nothing.

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