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Lowe’s Store Feedback is not a survey the same as all other stores, it is simply a form that allows you to give valuable feedback to Lowe’s on it’s store, products and services directly. There is no survey that can be completed and also no rewards of any kind.

This does not mean you shouldn’t go to the website at www.lowes.com/survey and give feedback, by all means give feedback to Lowe’s, even if you have not had a good experience shopping at Lowe’s your input will help Lowe’s to improve it’s store and services.

To complete the survey you simply enter a few details about yourself and enter the store code located on a recent receipt from your last trip to Lowe’s. The form is in English, but I see no reason why you can’t use something like Google translate to give feedback in another language like Spanish.



26 thoughts on “www.lowes.com/survey – Lowe’s Store Feedback”

  1. I just want to compliment and say “Thank you!” to your checkout clerk Brenda at your Carbondale, IL store. Yesterday, she caught a mistake in miscalculated billing for buying an electric range which saved me a few dollars.
    Thank you,
    Charlie Howe
    Carbondale, IL

  2. Been shopping at Albany Or. Lowe’s Albany Or. Since it opened great experience until today when I meet a guy named Cameron. If all the people were as bad as him I would shop at home depot. If I every have to deal with him again I will shop any place else. Luck has it the other people made up for his rude ways.

  3. I will not shop any other store other than Lowes, even though there is a Mendards right next door. Your store in Dubuque IA has the best employees. Shannon in the building supplies is a freakn’ rock star, she should be running that place. Earl and Lynn in the garden department, wow, they loaded my truck and told me jokes while they were doing it. I didn’t have to lift a finger!! Nobody does customer service like this place. PLUS, they give me a 10% military discount, AND, they thank me for my service when I check out. A++++++++++++++++

  4. I would like to comment on the professionalism and courtesy of one of your employees, Paul in Hardware at the Lowe’s Home Center store on 9/30/17 at about 5:18 pm, located at 1640 W Broad St in Richmond, VA. He took time to assist each customer to make sure all their needs were met before assisting the next person. He apologized for my having to wait but I could see that he was making sure each customer’s questions were answered. It is good to know that there are employees at Lowe’s like Paul.

  5. I wanted to rate your Maple Grove, MN store and an employee Kris B. a Seven but I was unable to do so on my cell form or my computer. I won’t go anywhere else because this Lowes and their employees listen, console, and correct my home improvement issues. I do indeed LOVE LOWES and would rate my store a ten but if they want a seven so be it. BEST store ever!

    1. 9-25-17
      10:00am EST

      My wife and I went to our Battle Creek Lowe’s Store on Beckley Rd. this morning. We found most, every thing we needed except 2-¾” Dia. Galvanized Pipe caps.
      We got assistant from a gentleman that had helped us on several other trips. His name is Kevin. He is always friendly, helpful and a delight to see at the store. It seems that he is there most of the time, that we go. We also like to just go up to him and say hi even if we don’t need his reliable service.
      Thank you for keeping such a valuable employee.
      We spend thousands of dollars in your store each year.
      I also have to use your electric chairs to get through the store decease of my disabilities.
      Thanks again.
      Please tell Kevin that his help is needed and appreciated by us and all of you regular customers.

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