www.krogerfeedback.com – The Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Kroger Survey at www.krogerfeedback.com is another survey with the chance to win a large grand prize, offering you the chance to win a $5000 grocery gift card to spend at Kroger’s store.

The Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey allows you to give valuable feedback to Kroger on it’s store and products directly. This does not mean you shouldn’t go to the website at www.krogerfeedback.com and give feedback, by all means give feedback to Kroger, even if you have not had a good experience shopping at Kroger your input will help Kroger to improve it’s store and products.

To complete the survey you need to have a recent receipt, then you simply enter the store number and some other basic information found on the receipt to validate your entry into the survey. The survey is also available to be completed in English and Spanish languages and can be completed by residents of the US.



30 thoughts on “www.krogerfeedback.com – The Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. I went to the Fred’s on Bakerview in Bellingham Washington tday because I needed some organic veg. The organic veg case was horrible, every green wilted and dry. Carrot tops mushy, everything else looked like it had been sitting in the sun. I asked to talk to the Produce Manager and he came out and apologized saying people had called in sick. If it had been 8 a.m. I would understand but it was 2 pm. AND this is the second time this has happened. I hate that store anyway because the employees are so thoughtless. Some people were setting up a display in the children’s dept and a child showed her Mom some sun glasses and she put them down and the man setting the display said to her “would you like to put those back were you got them”. This is bullshit! They can put the damn sunglasses back. Horrid store!

  2. I don’t think I will be using Fry’s any longer. The store by my house is cutting down all the mature trees in the fear that the wind will blow them over.This is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.They gave wonderful shade and were not that big.Now there’s none.Why cut down something that also provides humans with something that’s essential for us? OXYGEN.I think I’ll start going to Walmart and Safeway. The fuel points also seem to keep not showing up.

  3. I only go to Fry’s shopping groceries and use the pharmacy. I buy
    mostly Kroger products, because they are good and have low prices
    compaired to other companies

  4. We are retired and we shop your store often in Nampa, Idaho. It would be nice if the store had gas pumps.
    We do enjoy your store.

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