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The Kohl’s Survey at www.kohls.com/survey rewards you with a 10% Off Coupon for when you next shop at Kohl’s. As with all customer satisfaction surveys, the Kohl’s survey gives you the customer the chance to give them feedback about your experience shopping at Kohl’s.

The survey does not run from the Kohl’s website, instead they have chosen to use a third party company called PeriscopeIQ that specializes in getting feedback from customers. What this means for you is that Kohl’s really values the feedback from it’s customers and wants to ensure they are getting the right information to improve their services.

Also be aware that when you go to www.kohls.com/survey you will be redirected to kohlssurvey.periscopeiq.com, which is where the survey is hosted by PeriscopeIQ.

So if you have something you would like to say about your experience shopping at Kohl’s then by all means complete the Kohl’s Survey or even if you don’t you can still get the 10% Off Coupon.


12 thoughts on “www.kohls.com/survey – Kohl’s Survey”

  1. Want to give a shout out to Ben at store 0624. Very friendly and helpful. Made shopping a great experience with his knowledge and great personality! Keep up the good work Ben. There are very few like you.

  2. I was shoe shopping tonight in the local Middletown, DE store. I could not find my size in the shoes I wanted so decided to try the kiosk. The kiosk was not working so I asked the sales associate, Steve R. (Reese) to help. While he was trying to reboot the computer, he checked the back to see if they were there. He even tried his cell phone to access the website since the kiosk just wouldn’t work. He then walked me across the store to try the other kiosk. Unfortunately my size was not available. Steve then offered to call other stores for me. He spent quite a while waiting for them to check their inventory.

    Well, the shoes were not to be found, but it’s not because he didn’t try. He went over and beyond what he even had to do to help me. I was very impressed and grateful. Way to go Steve!! Great job!!

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