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Get a 15% Off Coupon when you complete the JCPenney Survey

The JC Penney Survey offers you a 15% Off Coupon for the next time you shop at JC Penney. The survey can be completed by those who speak english or spanish and have recently shopped at JC Penney and received a receipt with an access code on the bottom. By completing the JC Penney Survey at www.talktojcpenney.com or www.talktojcpenney.com you will be helping to improve the services offered by JC Penney and on top of that you get a bonus coupon for making the effort to give them your opinion.

What does the JC Penney Survey do with this information?

JC Penney will use the information you give them to find out what customers want from JC Penney or if there is something that needs to be improved or perhaps changed to make your shopping experience better. So if you do have something to say or have some thoughts on improvements that could be made to JC Penney’s Stores then I recommend you complete the survey.

JC Penney Survey