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The Home Depot Opinion Survey at www.homedepot.com/opinion is another great survey that can reward you for completing a customer satisfaction survey. In this case the reward is a chance at winning a $5000 gift card to spend at your local Home Depot store. This is a great reward for just completing a survey. Just imagine what you could buy from Home Depot with a $5000 gift card and all you need to do is complete the survey at www.homedepotopinion.com or www.homedepot.com/opinion.

Of course this isn’t a guaranteed reward like the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey mentioned previously here: JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey, but is does give you the chance to give some feedback to Home Depot on anything you think would improve Home Depot’s services and that is really all the survey is about, improving Home Depot so you continue to enjoy shopping there.

To get starting completing the survey all you need is an invitation to enter the survey, which you will get from Home Depot after shopping there. The survey is available for US and Canada residents and can be completed in English, Spanish and French.



65 thoughts on “www.homedepot.com/opinion – The Home Depot Survey”

  1. I have shopped at home depot for yrs and yrs no.problems everything went smooth and THEN a big bump
    I put an order in for toilets and vanities to be shipped to my house and installed and old toilets etc to be removed the guy called gave me the install day – but never showed up. Ok something happened long story short someone wrote down the job was done and it was now appearing on my Home Depot card. Thus took over a month to resolve. Guess what. The toilets were suppose to go in today a 2nd they canceled till Monday Well I give them this because if the terrible storm we had. Patience. And maybe I will win which would be wonderful.

  2. VERY UPSET!!! We spent $8000 on materials on 7/28 and still by 09/03/17 did not have everything delivered Talk to the pro desk on Monday 09/04 and asked them to deliver Thursday or Friday 09/07 or Friday 09/08. Said they would check on it. then we get a call and said that they still did not have the sheetrock in(come on a month later and still no sheetrock) Talk to Garrett on Wednesday (because when we went in there was stack after stack of sheetrock) about our order(ready to cancel what we did not have and go to Menards) Told Garrett this is crazy we order in July and still do not have our materials, We had to go and pick up our 2×10 12foot long (had to make 2 trips) but finally got sheetrock delivered on Friday. Delivery guy was great.

  3. I used to enjoy doing the survey’s for Home Depot It has been a while since I have done one. It is like a hole different thing now. It is confusing and you don’t see anything about home depot, After 10 tries, I gave up Very disappointed.

  4. I tried to do the Home Depot Survey and it wanted me to buy certain items etc. What kind of survey is this. You have me pass words and other names to put in. and they never once asked for it. Also political questions that I had no idea what they were asking Not happy

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