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www.DGCustomerFirst.com – The Dollar General Customer First Survey is a difficult survey to find. www.DGCustomerFirst.com is not listed in the search engines, except in articles like this telling you how to get to it and what the reward is. You can find the Dollar General Customer First Survey at www.DGCustomerFirst.com and as a reward for completing the survey you are entered into a sweepstake to win 1 of 3 $1000 prizes in each drawing period

The reward isn’t guaranteed like some other surveys including the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey and the Apple Store Feedback survey , but it gives you the opportunity to give some feedback to Dollar General on the things you think will make a difference to the Dollar General store.

To complete the survey you need to receive an official survey code, once you have this survey code you can go to the Dollar General Customer First Survey site and begin completing the survey. The survey is available for US residents and can be completed in English and Spanish for customers 18 years or older.



19 thoughts on “www.dollargeneralsurvey.com – Dollar General Customer First Survey”

  1. It is a reasonable shopping center in my area. I love the discounts and the services the clerks provide. The convenience of the store and the courteous services provided make me want to continue to shop there.

  2. it’s the most reasonable store in the area and shopping is convenient the neighbors without transportation.

  3. The store on locusts st. In Dubuque Iowa used to be a really good place. Now it is a total disaster. Dirty, everything laying around all over the floor, always out of the things you are looking for. There is one guy who is extremely rude ( I think is the manager). The other employees are nice. I will not use this store anymore. There is one on the other side of town.

  4. how difficult is it to get the address of the dollar general headquarters? XCome on now!

  5. This is my third time to try to get through to you idiots. I don’t want to do any surveys. I want to make a complaint about your store in Fredericksburg Texas. I went in there for a few supplies on June 24,2016 at approximately 11:45 am into your newly remodeled store. What a screwed up mess that is. It was a maze from the pages of a puzzle book. I picked up a few supplies to make my trip a necessary purpose. The grueling task was to make it to the cashier’s station, almost impossible to accomplish, but I managed to do it. I paid for my goods although not being able to see what the cashier was doing to my products in this tunnel of terror. I then drove the 20 miles it takes to go home only to find out that my DC brand of bleach @ $1.65 and two tubes of all purpose caulk were not there, although paid for, and apparently, the cashier did not deem it necessary to inform me that I was leaving it behind as I was exiting the store. It probably wasn’t her fault as she was consumed by the devil’s maze. I will not go into Dollar General Store ever again. Walmart and Dollar Tree satisfy me a lot better, and to top it off, they are at least friendly towards me.

  6. I have been on this site for 2 hrs. and still have not seen the end of the different survey’s. Is there really a place for my opinion?
    The last time I went into the local store I was over charged, and when I went back in to get my money back they (sales clerk and manager) were rude. It was not my fault that it was not done right the first time.

  7. The website for Dollar General Satisfaction Survey does not work. It is no where in sight and I’m very frustrated trying to take the survey from a website shown on my receipt!

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