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The Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey is another store survey offering you a chance to win cash in a sweepstake after you have completed the survey. The reward or completing this survey is a chance to win a grand prize of $1000 or 1 of 10 runner up prizes of $100, once you complete the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey at riteaid.com/storesurvey.com you are entered into a sweepstake to win one of the cash prizes used at Rite Aid Pharmacy stores in the US. This is yet another great incentive to take the store survey and give useful feedback to Rite Aid and help to improve their stores.

To complete the survey need a recent purchase receipt with a 16-digit code printed on the front, you then enter this code into the website and continue completing the survey. If you have a receipt simply click on the button below or go to: riteaid.com/storesurvey.com

The Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey is run every month and you can enter once every month to increase your chances of winning, the survey can also be completed in English or Spanish for US residents only and is only available to customers who are 18 years or older.


44 thoughts on “Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey – RiteAidStoreSurvey.com”

  1. I would have been happy to complete the survey if the site had not booted me to a page saying thank you for your opinion before I had answered more than 2 questions.

  2. bullshit survey…… popoups everywhere then when i tried to continue, after clearing popups, it said survey was no good. fuck this….

  3. Just great. Not only does the link not work for the survey, some other kind of adware pops up and I cannot get rid of it.

    Swell. Consider me gone.

  4. I really enjoy our local Rite Aid Store, #01153. I enjoy the bargains I sometimes find. They have wonderful, helpful personnel, ready to help with any question. They remember me and know my shopping likes, sometimes offering suggestions an item I like is on sale, etc. They are friendly and make me feel welcome. You have a wonderful, caring manager. I look forward to more visits to the store. A small town Rite Aid customer

  5. I was at your store# 03611 in Enola pa. You have a excellent employee Mary! She went above and beyond on March 17 2015. I never used the photo center, I asked her for help and had a major problem using my I phone! I really needed the pics within a hour! She asked permission to go into my settings. Set up the app n still the machine would not accept! Another 15 min. She did it! Said come back to store. In 15 min. I will have them ready! She is smart, polite. And deserves a raise! Even when I got back to store , there was a few ppl in line. And I am excited n thanking her for all her help and other customers in line agreed with me! They said she is a sweet helpful person.I am a manager at a local seafood rest. I work 60 plus hours a week!! In this era. A lot of companies slack on customer service, always looking to make the fast buck! I hope you let Mary know that it meant a lot to me for going out of her way! She is doing a great job! Better than your manager Linda! Thank you

  6. I agree with all those saying re-directs, nothing about rite aid LOGO etc. glad I only shop for sale items… take your $1,000 survey and put it wherever the heck you want, wont be doing rite aid surveys anymore. what a waste of my time. as for the ignorant idiot saying I may need help combing my hair or wiping my anus…. YOU LOOKING FOR A JOB?

  7. I thought I was going to take a quick survey, but instead it went on and on and on and I gave up filling out the personal information about myself and family. I don’t want my personal information used to sell me stuff. So sad Rive Aid.

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