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Lowe’s Store Feedback is not a survey the same as all other stores, it is simply a form that allows you to give valuable feedback to Lowe’s on it’s store, products and services directly. There is no survey that can be completed and also no rewards of any kind.

This does not mean you shouldn’t go to the website at www.lowes.com/survey and give feedback, by all means give feedback to Lowe’s, even if you have not had a good experience shopping at Lowe’s your input will help Lowe’s to improve it’s store and services.

To complete the survey you simply enter a few details about yourself and enter the store code located on a recent receipt from your last trip to Lowe’s. The form is in English, but I see no reason why you can’t use something like Google translate to give feedback in another language like Spanish.



13 thoughts on “Lowe’s Store Feedback – lowes.com/survey”

  1. We had our carpet installed yesterday by Floor Interior Services Corp and the installer asked me to give feedback to the store using a sheet of info he gave me. However, on the Lowes site I could not find the “Submit a Compliment” item to select, thus am writing this email to Tony in the flooring dept. at store # 2727. The installer, Juan Maldonado, did a great job. He and his assistant were on time, efficient and pleasant. They did a great job for us and we like the carpet we selected. I would give him all 7’s on the rating scale if I could have found the scale using the sheet he gave me.

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