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Free $1000 Target Gift Card - Apply Now!The Inform Target Survey is another store survey that enters you into a sweepstake for a grand prize of $5000 that can be spent at your local Target store.

This reward isn’t guaranteed like the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey mentioned previously here: JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey, but it gives you the opportunity to give some feedback to Target on the things you think will improve Target’s store. The survey is located at, you can also get to the survey with

To complete the survey you need a username and password that is printed on a recent purchase receipt, once you have this you can go to the Inform Target Survey website and begin completing the survey. The survey is available for US residents and can be completed in English and  Spanish for customers 18 years or older.


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  1. i just had to share with you the great job that Alex did to help me find the product i was trying to fin in your frozen food area stofers area. I live in Rochester, MN go to shop at the Rochester Target on Shoppes on Main SE. I have a patient i take care of and cok for thats 93 years old and is blind and late dimensia and bed ridden, i was going to get some six serving of stofers meatloaf but non was there as i looked al over only the single serving with mashed potatoes sizes were showing, I tried the phone service it sounded like Popcorn as i picked it up and waited but then saw a red shirt hustling around Isle 24? and tapped the young man on the shoulder described what i was looking for and why it only came in singles when i always have bought six at a time without potatoes, he looked at the shelf and the prices and new that the singles were not 7.49 each, so he reached way back behind about 16 of those that were placed in that area and found the serving size for 6, I was so happy to have him to help me out i went to the assistant to the store manager on the floor at this time of night, i told him in my working days not so long agao, we would go make sure that this person got a little more for his raise the next time a review came along, so Im asking you to give this young man a bump of even a Dime per hour on his review extra and or a 100.00 gift certificate either for target or for a restaraunt of his choice he in rochester, as i will be spreading the great news all over my facebook to my nearly 1000 friends and to the newspaper letter to the editor if i find out from Alex the worker who helped me that he did get a small raise or Gift certificate, I say 100 cause at his age he may have a wife and a child and or if you gave him the 100 dollar restaraunt certifuicate, he would be abel to take his family , maybe even a grandma that would be proud or grandpa if he has them or mom and dad at least and be on him to be able to take them out once. Now that would be a family way and he could tell his workers at target and they will go all out to be the next people to work for that restaraunt certifucate. He also was moving those wrong sized stofers from the area they were in to the correct one across the isle in another feezer area. Super worker Very posative nice and even a little shy when i told him I wanted to get him a raise. I hope this is taken seriously by target, cause i will again check back with Alex in about 2 weeks to see if he has gotten anything and if not then i will move away to Walmart and tell everyone i know how snobby teaget is with their employees , I will leave it up to you target, posaive and happy times of this year or negative and stuck up store that does not need anymore bad things around the holidays. Maye you can give him a ham and turkey for thanksgiving yet also. You do god for you workers and it will come back to you 10 time more

    1. i see on my reciept that there are some ID and password numbers but up above it saud not to share that. So i will be checking with Alex in under 2 weeks I did my thourough job as a customer to make sure to thank him wearing the target Shirt and representing target the way they should have been, Now its up to Billions upon Billions in Profets Target to give Alex a 100 dollar Gift certifucate to either the store or to a restaraunt in Rochester of his choice or an extera .10 cents to his review that he normaly woiuyld get to add . 10 cents more.

  2. I had a very good experience at Taunton, MA Target. I find the employees very helpful. They always come up to me and ask if they can help find anything or if I have any questions.

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  4. I don’t want any free prizes. I am on this web site to congratulate Target in South Setauket, LI, NY for the wonderful service I received from a young man named Joe Dro who helped me today. He saw that I was looking for the new St. Jude’s Target dog and not being very successful. He told me there was just one left and it was across the store. He went ahead of me and found that wonderful stuffed dog. I was thrilled. I have bought one of those Target stuffed dogs every year since they were first initiated for my granddaughter who was born in 2004, the year the Target Mr. Snowden appeared. I had been looking for weeks for the 20013 dog without any luck.

    Mr. Dro told me he hoped to work for Target for a long time and wanted to grow with the company. I told him I was a retired Professor of English and that I had had a wonderful student, Jason Grein, who had worked for Target in South Setauket every year he was in college and was now manager of half a super Target in Tampa, FLA.I encouraged Joe Dro to pursue his dream and thanked him for his kindness. I thanked the manager, a lovely young woman, whose name I forgot to write down.

  5. I tried to do the survey but the password would only accept the first five numbers. How many numbers do I put into the first two boxes for the user id? There are no directions on how to place the numbers in the boxes other than where to find the User Id and Password. Please give me direction on how to do this.
    Thank you.

  6. Target may be a shoppers paradise but it is definitely an employees nightmare, you are expected to do the job of three people because they want to save money on the payroll. If a customer complains about you, you are marched into a room to be admonished, and then told to sit there till further notice. This is to keep you of sight of the customer so they will feel better and hopefully have gotten you fired. Pay raises are minimal. No one is full time thus keeping them from having to insure you. The employee is considered a piece of shit and expendable. No wonder they pound in your head no unions you will be fired if you are seen engaging in this type of behavior. We are the lowest human form of life in this community of Target, And we are never right, in any situation. Time to get some backbond and unit.

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