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Free $1000 Home Depot Gift Card - Apply Now!The Home Depot Opinion Survey at is another great survey that can reward you for completing a customer satisfaction survey. In this case the reward is a chance at winning a $5000 gift card to spend at your local Home Depot store. This is a great reward for just completing a survey. Just imagine what you could buy from Home Depot with a $5000 gift card and all you need to do is complete the survey at or

Of course this isn’t a guaranteed reward like the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey mentioned previously here: JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey, but is does give you the chance to give some feedback to Home Depot on anything you think would improve Home Depot’s services and that is really all the survey is about, improving Home Depot so you continue to enjoy shopping there.

To get starting completing the survey all you need is an invitation to enter the survey, which you will get from Home Depot after shopping there. The survey is available for US and Canada residents and can be completed in English, Spanish and French.


15 thoughts on “The Home Depot Survey –

  1. I was to thank Phil at the La Habra store for some great customer service in calling me to inform that I had dropped some money and that it was safe and ready to be picked up….I appreciate it…..thanks Phil!……john

  2. VERY pleased with the assistance, knowledge, and time taken on my last HD visit by both AL and ATHENA in your Auburn, Maine store. Top Notch !! They both deserve some recognition!! Charles Wheeler

  3. I just want to tell you about my visit to a store.
    I am a older lady and working on a project. I didn’t
    have a saw. I needed a piece of wood at a certain size.
    Well I went back to the lumber section and asked
    a couple employees about helping me. The saw stores
    saw was broken. Didn’t know when it would be fixed.
    They knew I needed that size board. They went far above
    helping me. They went and hand sawed my piece of board.
    Now, that is what I call customer service! I retired
    working retail and that is what a employee should do.
    Their names are Jeremy and Kile. Elk River MN Home Depot.

    I give them a gold star!

  4. I was helped by one of your employes today….Nishit…loading garden supplies into my car he was courtesy and helpful and would not take a tip….this was at the poway store………

    Robert Mond……..8/2/2013

    thank you for your good service and excellent store products and the availablibility of them…………..

    1. As a person with a disability, I require a scooter to shop at my local Home Depot.
      The availability of a spotless , well maintained scooter at your store is a welcome
      sight. It encourages me to shop ’till I drop. You have a vast assortment of items
      that we all need. In addition, the courtesy and knowledgeable employees that
      you employ mean a lot to me. They are always helpful and I always get just what
      I need for any project or household item. I will always shop there. Thank you.

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