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The Home Depot Survey – www.homedepot.com/opinion

Free $1000 Home Depot Gift Card - Apply Now!The Home Depot Opinion Survey at www.homedepot.com/opinion is another great survey that can reward you for completing a customer satisfaction survey. In this case the reward is a chance at winning a $5000 gift card to spend at your local Home Depot store. This is a great reward for just completing a survey. Just imagine what you could buy from Home Depot with a $5000 gift card and all you need to do is complete the survey at www.homedepotopinion.com or www.homedepot.com/opinion.

Of course this isn’t a guaranteed reward like the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey mentioned previously here: JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey, but is does give you the chance to give some feedback to Home Depot on anything you think would improve Home Depot’s services and that is really all the survey is about, improving Home Depot so you continue to enjoy shopping there.

To get starting completing the survey all you need is an invitation to enter the survey, which you will get from Home Depot after shopping there. The survey is available for US and Canada residents and can be completed in English, Spanish and French.



47 thoughts on “The Home Depot Survey – www.homedepot.com/opinion

  1. I would like to say thanks you to Mike Jillian at the Home Depot in WVC. I know nothing about electronics, and he was very helpful. Made sure I had the right parts, kept looking over things for me and saved me 150.00 dollars. I just got parts for 19.00 dollars. I appreciate it when people take time to help me. Thanks Mike job well done. My light is up and I am so happy for the savings. E Rivera

  2. I want to say “Thank you” to John Wickman. I arrived at closing time last Tuesday. I was about to start a drive deep into the Colorado mountains. I really needed two five gallon gas cans for spare fuel. John took care of me when he could have just said he was closed. KUDOS to John for his help. He not only earned my appreciation, buy also reinforced my brand loyalty to Home Depot.

    Thanks again, Jim Kuzara

  3. I want you to know that home depot is better than Menards, not to say that Menards is bad, I like them too but your just better. I have received a lot of help from the employees at home depot, especially a person named Beverly. Very friendly and helpful.
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa Store.

    Thank You!

  4. was unable to fill out survey. after choosing English for my language,the survey asked for my zip code but it would not let me enter it.

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