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The Dollar General Survey is a difficult survey to find as it is not listed in the search engines, except in articles like this telling you how to get to it and what the reward is. You can find the Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey at and as a reward for completing the survey you are entered into a sweepstake to win 1 of 3 $1000 prizes in each drawing period

The reward isn’t guaranteed like some other surveys including the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey and the Apple Store Feedback survey , but it gives you the opportunity to give some feedback to Dollar General on the things you think will make a difference to the Dollar General store.

To complete the survey you need to receive an official survey code, once you have this survey code you can go to the Dollar General Survey site and begin completing the survey. The survey is available for US residents and can be completed in English and Spanish for customers 18 years or older.


11 thoughts on “Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey –

  1. I was at Sams Club store at Power Inn and Calvine Rd in Sacramento. I just got my membership about 2 months ago and i started shopping there, and everything was fine until i had a couple things to return like (36 pack of Coors Light -$21.96) which was sealed and bought a week ago. When i took it back to return the customer service employee told me that we do not return any alcohol once it is out of the doors. So i am thinking of going back to Costco Membership because there is not any problems returning things even though its 6 months old. I’ve been a costco Member for 20 years and i recommend people to look in costco instead of Sams club for customer convenience.

  2. I like to shop at DG, but the cashier is not a nice person, you would think when you are a regular customer the cashier and manager would be nicer to there customers when they see you all the time. I am not a shoplifter I spend my Social Security Disability every month getting my home products. DG is convenience to where I live and some of the products are at a good price.
    I just think Customer Service could be better, oh it is one lady she is a elderly lady she is the best one there.
    They could use another Manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Store # 8134

  3. I like shopping at Dollar General for the great prices, however the one closest to my home is a mess. The outside garbage can is always overflowing and there are cigarette butts everywhere. It seems the employees spend a lot of time outside smoking but never take time to clean up their litter. I know that first impressions mean a lot so I hope the DG management will take the appropriate action. Sincerely, Wanda Fairburn

  4. When are you people going to start stocking the shelves at the store in Talihina, OK? This being so close to Christmas and you still have nothing on the shelves. Why? should you fire someone or just do your jobs? Even with your store and ALCO in town and you can not keep the shelves stocked. WHY? So we have to drive 40 miles to get any thing.

  5. On 12-15-13 I went into your store #10112 in Duncan, South Carolina and bought a shirt from a rack of clothes that said 50% off. When I got home I realized that I did not get my discount. When I went back the clerk said not all of the items on that 50% rack were discounted, only the ones with a certain color spot on the tag. If they were not discounted why were they on the discount rack in the first place? Wonder how many other customers bought from the same rack thinking they got a discount.

  6. This store in De Leon, Texas is awful. It used to be nice and stocked. It is better than a month ago, but the shelves are still half empty and not stocked with usual stuff like Cascade, pain killers, cold medicine etc. They have got the boxes out of the floor finally. Some of the help are not friendly or helpful. We need the under cover boss to visit this store.

  7. there is never a time I come to this store that boxes are all down the aisles, you can barely get through and forget about getting anything off the shelf! Instead of putting merchandise out after the store closes,you choose to make your employees to stock when people are trying to shop! Not only that, with only two employees in the store, one has to man ONE checkout(there are three, but only one is ever in operation) Today there were 8 people waiting to be checked out(one girl at the checkout) when asked was there another checker, she replied the girl was on break!! You have the WORST customer service in any store I have ever been in!! How you stay open is beyond me, because everyone you talk to in Navasota, has nothing but bad to say about this store! It looks like we should all go to Family Dollar. The employees are very courteous, the store is not cluttered, and always clean!

  8. this dollar store in shaw realy sucks.i’m a old lady and my blader says go I have to go but the mens bathroom is always out of order and they keep the ladys for the workers.i have to leave my shoping and go down the road to pee n then come and get the rest of my shoping done.i realy would like it if you could fix this problem.don’t have time to chase a bathroom down.dollar general in shaw ms. sucks.

    thank you

    Gloria greenlee

  9. I was in your store #09501 in Osceola Missouri. On aug 8,2013,
    The young lady who was working that day wasn’t exactly the friendliest person. Not very good customer service. SHe informed me that the reason there wasn’t a trash can in front of your store was the policy of the company. Not sure if that is true but you had trash in front of a pretty new store that had been rained on because there was no trash can in front of the store or inside for that matter. I had trash and was looking for a trash can there wasn’t any to be found.

    I do like going to the dollar store but no trash can. I don’t understand that. Customer Service is a big deal to me I think you should go over that with the staff in this store.

    Thank you

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