www.survey.samsclub.com – Sam’s Club Member Experience Survey

The Sam’s Club Member Experience Survey offers you the chance of a winning 1 of 5 $1000 gift cards to spend at any Sam’s Club store in the US. The reward offered is the same as the Walmart In-Store Satisfaction Survey.

If your a regular shopper and you have received an invitation on your receipt to complete the survey then go to www.survey.samsclub.com and you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes or alternatively you can just enter the sweepstakes directly by going to www.entry.survey.samsclub.com

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www.redlobstersurvey.com – Red Lobster Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Red Lobster Guest Satisfaction Survey offers the same rewards as the Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction Survey mentioned previously, that’s a grand prize of $1000 and 100 runner’s up prizes of $50 if you aren’t lucky enough to win the grand prize. These rewards are drawn as part of a sweepstake that you are automatically entered into after completing the survey at www.redlobstersurvey.com.

Not only does the Red Lobster Guest Satisfaction Survey offer a great potential reward, but as with all store surveys it gives you a chance to give feedback about your experience dining at Red Lobster and this helps to improve the service and food provided by Red Lobster.

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www.lowes.com/survey – Lowe’s Store Feedback

Lowe’s Store Feedback is not a survey the same as all other stores, it is simply a form that allows you to give valuable feedback to Lowe’s on it’s store, products and services directly. There is no survey that can be completed and also no rewards of any kind.

This does not mean you shouldn’t go to the website at www.lowes.com/survey and give feedback, by all means give feedback to Lowe’s, even if you have not had a good experience shopping at Lowe’s your input will help Lowe’s to improve it’s store and services.

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www.olivegardensurvey.com – Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction Survey is another survey in the list of surveys that run a sweepstake with rewards of cash prizes if you win. The grand prize reward for this survey is $1000 cash and this survey also offers 100 runner up prizes of $50 in cash for those not lucky enough to win the grand prize. So you have a greater chance of getting a reward for completing the survey.

If you enjoy dining at Olive Garden then I recommend you complete the Olive Garden Guest Satisfaction Survey at www.olivegardensurvey.com and give some valuable feedback to Olive Garden, you never know, you might end up winning the grand prize.

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